The Alpine Connection (With Harbison & Pleasant Ridge Reserve)

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This winter themed platter combines Americal's best version of Traditional Alpine style favorites.  Pleasant Ridge Reserve is created in the likeness of Beaufort, the king of cheese in France and Harbison is created in similarity to the Swiss Alpine version of Vacherin Mont d’Or.

This limited edition platter features 2 of our all-time favorite small batch cheeses::

Jasper Hill Harbison: a 10-12 ounce wheel of cheese, wrapped in birch bark with a deep, creamy, woodsy flavor, from Greensboro Bend, VT.  Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Upland Creamery - half a pound of semi-hard cheese, an alpine-style (like a Gruyere), nutty with flavor crystals. From Dodgeville, WI.

Cured meats included on this platter from local salumi maker Elevation Meats: 4oz Wagyu Bresaola (cured beef) and 4oz Fennel Pollen Salami.

House made white-wine mustard. Accoutrements include: cornichons, peppadew peppers, pickled okra, castelvatrano olives, local honey, dried figs, valencia almonds and Hellimae's Sea Salt Caramels. Platter comes with choice of Marczyk's baguette or house made crostini. Available in only one size.

Comes with a cheese knife to cut the top off the Harbison and enjoy. as a savory dip.


This tray is a perfect gift or great to share with your favorite people.

*Additional meat will be served on the side.