The Holidazzler (Available Until 12/31/23)

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Our Signature Seasonal Tray:

This is served on our medium tray which is 13x18.  This is is intended to serve 15 people (if light appetizers) and 11 (for heavy appetizers), the cured meat is included unless you specifically request vegetarian.    

Cheese: A 8-9oz piece of Delice de Bourgogne (creamy triple cream brie cow's milk cheese from northern France), Fontina Val d'aosta  (semisoft raw cow's milk cheese from Italy), Grand Noir (mild and creamy cow's milk blue cheese from Germany), Ossau-Iraty (6 month aged, semi hard sheep's milk cheese from France).

Cured Meat: 6oz portions of locally made Elevation Fennel Pollen Salami, and Jamón Serrano from Spain

Housemade Items: Roasted hazelnut honey, white wine mustard, rosemary Valenci almonds, spicy pickled green beans and carrots, 3 mini cheese balls (gouda, fig and red wine, cheddar pimento and french onion and gruyere) and a Marczyk's baguette.  

Also included: Mitica raspberry and basil jam, french dark chocolate, cornichons, greek olive mix, dried Oregon cherries, sweetie drop Peruvian peppers, dried apricots, fresh berries and pomegranates, Effie's Oatcakes, Italian Tarrali (Olive oil bread sticks)

If you order additional meat, they will come on the side.